"There are things which have to be forgotten if you want to go on living." - Jim Thompson

Performed at Circus of Dreams, September 2014. 

Elle et Jouets

Photos taken at Bushwick Bizarre Bar by Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire

Elle et Jouets (or "Her and Toys") is a series of 10 minute theoretical theater pieces that depict themes in feminism, kink, cabaret and the mechanics of desire through the perspective of a young child, her doll of inner trauma (the bad doll who in punishing, she punishes herself), and her doll of insecurity (the good doll whose perfection she will never live up to). 

Partners: body artist Victoria Bare (bad doll, white dress), actress Jessica Rose (good doll, blue dress)

First Performed at Circus of Dreams  6/4/14 & 7/2/14

Voices: A Candle Dance

Butoh-inspired piece performed with body artist Victoria Bare as a part of the group installation One of Us: The Chapel (produced by the One of Us collective based in Whitechapel, London) at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Williamsburg. During the event audience members were led through a series of 20 or so 10-15 minute performances all themed relative to spirituality, the history of the church and its dynamic community. 

In this piece, Victoria plays the mask and I the shadow as we enact the continuous internal struggle of self realization.

Sound: Voices (a reflection on sermon, butoh tradition and ASMR)